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The Outrageous Fortune of Abel Morgan

In Restoration England Christopher Morgan is struggling to rebuild his life after years of exile. The need to care for Abel, his young son sustains him until Abel is lost without trace or explanation. From England to the Caribbean and Constantinople to Holland both father and son are tested in more ways than they could ever have imagined, and with results that will utterly change their lives. Reviews below.


"Outstanding storytelling"

Jen Baker for the American Libraries Association. Starred review.


Link to full review from the American Libraries Association.


"Cynthia Jefferies has the gift of creating memorable, fallible characters with whom the reader will feel thoroughly involved. It's a sweeping historical novel with a heart and a soul."

Linda Newbery, Costa winning author of Set in Stone.


"I look forward to reading it so much that I've given up drinking wine in a night so that I can read it with my full concentration."

Claire Penketh, News producer at BBC World Service.


"...though the book contains all the elements of adventure, conspiracy; of double dealing and kidnapping, at the heart of it is a very human story: the love of a father and son; of grief, separation and redemption."

Jamila Gavin, author of Whitbread winning Coram Boy.



"...with its gripping twists and turns, a real emotional rollercoaster. I couldn't put it down."

Jane Bailey, author of Lark Song.


"A beautifully written tale of an epic journey and the love between a father and son - it re-ignited my love of historical fiction."

Jackie Kabler, author of The Development.


"...I was so pleased to find Sam Pepys doing a cameo (and Hans Sloane) and I was impressed by the way you confronted really uncomfortable and violent moments... 

If I was a film director I'd be buying an option right now! - and I hope a real one does! It's a winner."

Sue Limb, author of Radio 4's Gloomsbury