The Outrageous Fortune of Abel Morgan follows the fortunes of Christopher Morgan and his son Abel. Their tragic separation becomes two stories, told as Christopher searches for his son, while Abel is forced to make his own life across the sea. From England to Istanbul, Jamaica, Ireland and Holland, an unbreakable thread links them across the years. Common sense tells Christopher that his son is long dead, but his heart refuses to believe it is true.

'Outstanding storytelling'

Booklist. The American Libraries Association


"Beautifully told, in the vein of the best historical writers Du Maurier and J Meade Falkner among them."


"What a wonderful book!"

Trick Wiley. Good Reads


"A totally unputdownable masterpiece of historical fiction with a difference...there will be tears."


"Full of pace, colour and incident but never at the expense of character"

Linda Newbery, Costa Book Award Winner


"The love of a father and son; of grief, separation and redemption."

Jamila Gavin






"...with its gripping twists and turns, a real emotional rollercoaster. I couldn't put it down."

Jane Bailey, author of Lark Song.


"A beautifully written tale of an epic journey and the love between a father and son - it re-ignited my love of historical fiction."

Jackie Kabler, author of The Development.


"...I was so pleased to find Sam Pepys doing a cameo (and Hans Sloane) and I was impressed by the way you confronted really uncomfortable and violent moments... 

If I was a film director I'd be buying an option right now! - and I hope a real one does! It's a winner."

Sue Limb, author of Radio 4's Gloomsbury