Cynthia Jefferies was born in the market town of Cirencester in Gloucestershire. She attended Cirencester Grammar School and went on to the Froebel Institute in London. She has tried her hands at pig and poultry keeping, bar work, being a D J, working in a china shop and dealing in junk antiques. She started and built up a school book supply business, which eventually went on to be bought by Scholastic, but all she really wanted to do was write.

She was first published by Barry Cunningham at The Chicken House. For some years she was published by Usborne and A & C Black. Most of her books are still in print and some of her Fame School titles were translated into sixteen languages. After her children had grown up and left home she began working on her

Photograph. Linda Newbery

first novel for adults, The Outrageous Fortune of Abel Morgan, which was published by Allison & Busby in November 2018.
Cynthia has three children and three grandchildren. She lives in Gloucestershire and delights in her friends and family, travel and the natural world. She was artistic director of the children's events at Stroud's first Book Festival and was involved in starting the Children's Festival in the same town. She may be found sorting donations in her local refugee aid shop, drinking coffee in one of the local cafes or looking at sculpture in exhibitions and ancient churches. She has no religion or pets, but does have several favourite hats. She is also a strong advocate of convivial conversation as well as staring out of windows and thinking.